M.C. Spy

With some artists, “it is what it is”, but with Spy, it is what it was. At least when it comes to the music.

Spy has had a storied career spanning almost 3 decades and while he never reached upper echelon celebrity status in the eyes of the world, there are many individuals who hold him in the regard that he may as well have. For many others still, it is not necessarily for what he does musically nowadays, but for the experience he brings and what he has done over the course of his career to date, outside of music and how he is using that to work with the younger generation.

Growing up with hip hop – as in with hip hop, Spy may be much (much) older now, but like all growing artists, he had to find his voice and come into his own. As such, on some tracks you may hear him pull a heavy here and there, or cussing, or putting people in their place and other things that NO ONE who knows him would ever actually expect from him, particularly anyone who met him in recent years, but that can simply and easily be chalked up to him figuring out who he is. Nowadays, unless he is specifically playing a character on a track, you will mostly hear Spy rap about the days of old, his family or just exploring wordplay over choice rhythms.

Did Spy ever roll with gangsters or unsavoury types? Yes. In fact, he still does. Friendship is friendship, regardless of what the individuals in that friendship decide to do personally. Anyone who knows him and considers him a friend now, you will learn, are very protective of him, knowing full well that he is not and never claimed to be from the street or anything even remotely close to it. Still, there is the occasional click clack in a rhyme, gun shot sound effect in a beat or even a representation that he was “the don” or “the man” in this beautiful city he calls home…Calgary.

That was then. It is what it was. Love it or hate it, this is what Spy did. If you are the type of person who can look beyond a person’s misrepresentation of themselves during their growth period and just want to hear how one man did it when it came to rhyming, you’re cordially invited to listen to the music contained on this website. If you believe that what someone said in the past is a 100% accurate representation of who they are now or even who they thought they were and it is not possible that they made a mistake by saying certain things, you are reminded that as a founding member of NWA, Dr. Dre himself once rapped about not being able to stand weed and, nice to meet you, Captain Perfect!

Spy is the founder of hiphopcalgary.ca and the associated networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Android App) and works closely with such artists as Whyteboy Fresh a|k|a John Mega a|k|a BiGZ, Tony Lynch, Cash Bradshaw, McFee, #YYC, John DoughTJ Rhythmic Production, Xodice, Mike Little, Mama D, Brad Saunders and many others, as well as other related groups and industry service providers such as Legacy Entertainment, MCC Recording Studio, Music Centre Canada, KLM, 4thway Studio, Cookies & Cream Entertainment, World Wise Movement, Independent Generation, all under his full time company gig as founder of JensenWorks Technology.

As a producer, Spy has contributed instrumentals to many aspiring artists’ projects as well with many of his other productions available on beats.mcspy.com for use as well.

So? Wanna hear some tunes? Head on over here…