Superman (Not Yet Released)


As I look up at the sky…
My mind starts trippin’- no it doesn’t, I’m the fuckin’ Spy.

ugh ugh ugh – They call me Spy da man,
But Superman’s the topic of this jam, not spiderman,

I’m man enough to admit it when I get it wrong,
I get it long before I hit it an’ I get it on,

I get it on in each an’ every song cuz I-
know ya love it when that shit cray when I’m on,

I feel like I can fly, like I got that A.I.,
in my third eye, this is why I can getchya high,

An emcee’s dream is what I’m livin’…
Emcee nightmares is what I’m givin’..

Stronger than a locomotive I am not, (Faster than a…)
.. speeding bullet? I dunno. I never got shot.

But I give shots, give ’em props, give ’em what I got,
Got my boy Tony Lynch to the motherfuckin’ top …

– He keeps it raw an’ he don’t stop … look …