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Another unreleased joint. This one helmed by the King of Clubs himself, Tony Lynch and featuring Mista Dutch on the second and yours truly like you’ve never heard him before on the third. This is NSFW or kids! lol


M.C. Spy – 2 To Ya Chest


2 To Ya Chest     

Did this one for a mixtape that I don’t think was ever released, called “The 403 Movement Mixtape”. This is quite different from things I had done previously. 😉

MCM – Pure Funk (Original) (1992)

Here’s another oldie but goodie. This is the one that contains the oft-cited vocal, “up in the morning at the crack of Don Juan…” (that appears at about the 1:38 mark). The vocals were SO quiet on this one, I had to almost entirely kill the bass, but this is just for nostalgia anyway!

Pure Funk     


circa: Feb. 22, 2003

MC Spy - 'Moove (master)     

Instrumental - Beat 2 (New)     

Night Vision

Night Vision
M. Jensen

Night Vision
Don’t choke on the microphone smoke I spit
Don’t choke on the microphone smoke I spit

Into the abyss of darkness I descend
Deep into the jungle among mighty men
Got the element of surprise at my back
And know every detail of the guys I attack
My disguise all black just a shadow in the night
I need no weapon to defeat who I fight
For I’m blessed with the gift the rest don’t posess
An I’m dressed for success as I prove I’m the best
No stress – moves calculated and stealth
All my gear is provided by my alter ego’s wealth
All I hear is myself – as I approach
You’re about to get high off the Spy like a roach
Don’t choke on the microphone smoke I spit
Everytime YOU aim, shoot and miss – I hit
This is it, this is everything I’ve waited for
Night Vision engaged and my enemies on the floor
Now you feel the presence you know the time’s near
A second of the knowledge like a lifetime of fear
So close that you can feel my breath but can’t see me
A comatose so real it’s like death you’re so lonely
Your homie’s on the floor, you’re tryin’ a find the door
You’re cryin’ cuz ya can’t see your hands anymore
The darkness surrounds ya like ya buried alive
The only word goin’ through your mind is survive
Like awaking from a dream things not as they seem
In familiar territory but don’t know where you’ve been
You wanna scream from the panic and terror in your mind
Had a dream but the Spy took you out from behind


Beeps emanate, to indicate a race against time
So I open up my briefcase
Enter passwords and I’m quickly connected
And locate the mission details I’ve intercepted
I back up an e-mail then print a hard copy
Staple to a fake you know Spy’s never sloppy
I hit the elevator and go for the top floor
As soon as it arrives I head for the door
Out on the roof my ride patiently waits
I board and we proceed with a swift escape
No more than four seconds from the time we load
I see the building I was in … explode
But before the first brick hits the street below
We’re 10 miles away jumpin’ out the window
Scuba gear on my back, ready to attack
Got my GPS so the team can track


10 miles off the coast an’ I’m in
The evil I’m against is unsuspectin’
As they dive – preppin’ to release a torp
With enough nuke power to level New York
I approach the sub without skippin’ a beat
Com-pletely un-detec-ted I creep
Then I wait one second an’ I set my trap
A frequency reverse net – to foil the attack
Then I’m headin’ back to the surface shields in effect
– Just as the sub’s caught in the net
I inject myself with anti-blast relax
Then I’m out cold waitin’ for the seconds to pass
one second and the sub connects electrodes
Less than second and the sup implodes
From the blast I’m aroused as they reel me in
Thanks to Night Vision Spy’s done it again


A New Day (Remix)

A New Day     

Superman (Not Yet Released)


As I look up at the sky…
My mind starts trippin’- no it doesn’t, I’m the fuckin’ Spy.

ugh ugh ugh – They call me Spy da man,
But Superman’s the topic of this jam, not spiderman,

I’m man enough to admit it when I get it wrong,
I get it long before I hit it an’ I get it on,

I get it on in each an’ every song cuz I-
know ya love it when that shit cray when I’m on,

I feel like I can fly, like I got that A.I.,
in my third eye, this is why I can getchya high,

An emcee’s dream is what I’m livin’…
Emcee nightmares is what I’m givin’..

Stronger than a locomotive I am not, (Faster than a…)
.. speeding bullet? I dunno. I never got shot.

But I give shots, give ’em props, give ’em what I got,
Got my boy Tony Lynch to the motherfuckin’ top …

– He keeps it raw an’ he don’t stop … look …

By Request – Anatomy of a Funkniac [FULL]

Released: January 25, 2002

M.C.-Spy-Anatomy-of-a-Funkniac_[FULL] (zip archive)


By Request: M.C. Spy – Spy’s Angel

MC Spy - Spy's Angel     

Wrote and Dropped a Rough 16 Today

Solitary Spade (Not Rough) – Stay In Lane ft. M.C. Spy (Rough) (Produced by Diract Beats


[Verse 1: Solitary Spade]
My Marksmen will watch my back, As I ‘ cross the path/ While in the marshlands they bog and track/ Through the large parts of swamps, they charge like hogs/ running fast – thump and crash, like drums and thunder claps/ Muffled spazz’ – suppressed guns – no muzzles flash/ We come from the grass.. then (pop pop)/ … your last breathe is felt/… – as you grasp at your chest/ – as we laugh at your death – as you pass onto Hell/ – Every -men in my regiment, – treads in the water – with a medal of honour – I bet your a gonner’ when I send your daughter, have my men set upon her/ meddle her petals, until she’s dead and departed – left in the garbage/ infested with varmits, pestilent pest – spreading their larvae – shedding their armor/ – I’m betting you horror, sending you farther – then Heaven is offered, dress for the coffin/ – harbour your weapons – start with a blessing/ Cuz’ tomorrow – your’re set for the coroner/ – your new date with death, will make you pay through breaths/ As I cave in your chest – I break it and I make a mess!/

[Verse 2: Spy]
Yo we got people talkin’, walkin’ like they jockin’ glocks, stoppin’ when the cops come an’ flock like some pigeon hawks, drop they chalk on the block, walkie talkies squawk, got a knock knock on they clock, now they gotta drop, now they now they now they got ’em in a cell, givin’ ’em hell, givin’ ’em reasons to be breakin’ outta jail, forced to instigate a prison riot, C.O.’s on the diet, this ain’t the fuckin’ Hyatt lay down and just be quiet, (click clack) don’even try it, I’ll sell it, you’ll fuckin’ buy it – die while I vie for the pie in the sky an’ I – do not give a fuck more than you do not, nope, nada, – “my armada’s gunnin’ for for the whole enchilada”‘s what they say when they wanna parade around, paint the town, till they get sprayed or drowned and found in the ground, no more daps, no more pounds, no more theories to expound, – fuck around or stick around, there ain’t no middle ground.


Track about war, being the strongest. Most diligent in your army. Natural Born Killer type Shit. Heavy war track, Kill or Be Killed, murderous lyrics, Fight or Die.

Feel Free to use the verse as long as you give Solitary Spade credit and leave the link of his page in your descriptions and include him in any tags along with credit to Diract Beats. If you wish to collab go to and buy this (without Spy’s verse on it) for $1.