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M.C. Spy – Moove


MC Spy - 'Moove (master) (clean edit)     

Produced by Smoove, then formerly known as Hytowr, now known as Tyler for TJ Rhythmic Production.

King Don Juan – American Dream (Featuring M.C. Spy) (snippet)

This track was featured on King Don Juan a|k|a #YYC’s “Smooth Operator” mixtape. This is just a snippet from the full track. This was my first attempt at trying to jam a lot more words into certain bars.


M.C. Spy – Grace of God

This was a track I was asked to put together for the DJTAGZ Mixtape “God Bless the Dead”. Grace of God addresses some of the prominent deaths I have personally experienced or have resonated with me. Reference to the fallen of 9/11, fallen hip hop legends and fallen homies, all in allegorical relation to the death and resurrection of my own music career.

M.C. Spy - Grace of God     

BiGZ – Typical (Featuring M.C. Spy)

An unfinished collaboration with the artist formerly known as BiGZ, now known as John Mega a|k|a Whyteboy Fresh. He wanted to get on some old school flavour and gave me only two things to work with: the beat (shout out to Slick Rick) and the topic, “typical”. He said rap about whatever you want on that topic, so this is what I did.

BiGZ - Typical (Featuring M.C. Spy)     

M.C. Spy – A Little Bit of Hip Hop (Featuring Miss Millie) – Rough Draft

This is a little tribute to the music that made me want to be a hip hop artist, with a little shout to my wife who features on the hook as “Miss Millie” and my son. The second verse is one of my favourites, particularly the reference to “hip hop ain’t dead it lives in the north”. Pay attention.

M.C. Spy - A Little Bit of Hip Hop (Featuring Miss Millie) - Rough Draft     

M.C. Spy – Vintage Shit (Rough New Demo 16)


09 Forever and a Day.mp3

09 Forever and a Day     

Wassup (Remix)


10 Wassup